About Lighthouse

Our Name

We aspire to be a beacon of hope for all people. Having been rescued by Jesus Christ ourselves, we strive to draw others to Jesus Christ, the true Light of the world.

Our Mission

To Glorify God by Helping All People Become Fully Devoted Followers of Jesus Christ.

Our Core Values

Christ Centered

We draw our identity from Christ and strive to put Christ at the center of all we do in our daily lives with family, friendship, work, and church.


We strive to be a healthy church that humbly acknowledges our brokenness, lovingly speaks truth into each other’s lives, and joyfully embraces the gift of limits.


We strive to extend to all people the same hospitality with which God has welcomed us in Christ.


We strive to actively engage in our everyday world as an ambassador of Jesus Christ seeking to bless the world through our friendship, service, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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