REAP Method

REAP (Read, Examine, Apply, Pray) is a straightforward way to process what you’re reading, either on your own or with a group of people.


Open your Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to teach, correct, and train you (2 Timothy 3:16). As you’re reading, ask these questions:

  • What is happening in this passage? What things are emphasized, repeated, related?
  • What do you see about God? What is God doing in this passage?
  • What do you see about man?


Spend some time reflecting. Ask yourself these questions, and write down your thoughts:

  • Observation- ASK: What do I see? Look for:
    • Repeated phrases or theme(s)
    • Characters
    • Connecting Words [Therefore!]
  • Interpretation- ASK: What does this mean? Look for:
    • Content [words]
    • Context [history, culture]


After examining the passage, apply the text to your own life. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do I need to repent? What truths do I need to believe? What false beliefs must I turn from?
  • What can I do – empowered by the Holy Spirit – today to apply this passage?


Pray through the passage and your application, asking God to change your heart and to change your life, based on the time you’ve spent in God’s Word.


1.  PACE yourself: Start by committing 15 min to read & study the Bible and 5 min to pray.

2. PARTNER with others: After you finish, share what God taught you with at least one person—your roommate, your spouse, your kids, or your coworkers. Don't keep what God taught you to yourself.

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