Hi, Lighthouse family! We are pleased to announce that we will open our campus for in-person worship on Sundays starting this Easter (4/4) at 11am. For those who are not yet able to join us on campus can join us virtually through live-streaming on our Lighthouse DFW YouTube channel. All who want to attend service in person must register each week by Tuesday.

In-Person Worship Guidelines



  1. What safety measures are we taking?

    Temperature Check: Temperature check is required at the check-in upon entry.

    Hand Sanitizer: Hand Sanitizer will be available in our foyer.

    Wear a Mask: Everyone will be required to wear masks while on campus except the preaching pastor and praise leader while on stage.

    Social Distance: We arranged our seating in our chapel to ensure social distancing with 45 seating capacity. In addition, we ask everyone to refrain from hugging or shaking hands while on campus.

  2. What time does the check-in begin and what should I expect when I come to worship in person on campus?

    Check-in will begin at 10:30 am on Sundays.

    At the check-in table, our team members will check your temperature and ask you to sign in. If your temperature is 100 or above, you will not be able to attend service in-person.

    After check-in, you will enter the chapel for worship service.

    After service, we ask that everyone to clear out of the chapel and foyer instead of mingling until further notice in the future.

  3. Will there be Lighthouse Kids and programs for Children and Youth during service?

    There will be Youth Service upstairs from 11am-12pm followed by Bible Study from 12pm-12:30pm. There will be no separate Lighthouse Kids or Children’s programs for elementary age. However, children are welcome to attend our service as long as they are with their parents and wear a mask during worship (except children 2 and younger).

  4. What about those who are not able to join in person on campus?

    We will continue to host our virtual worship via live-streaming on Lighthouse YouTube channel each Sunday at 11am.

  5. How can I register for in-person worship?

    Attendees must register each week by Tuesday. It will be first come, first serve. If we exceed the number of seating capacity, those who registered after reaching our capacity will be notified via email.

  6. What if I or someone tests positive for Covid after attending service in person?

    During registration, all attendees must agree to inform Lighthouse admin (admin@lighthousedfw.org) if they test positive for Covid-19. All attendees from that service will be notified and asked via email to not return to service for at least two weeks with no symptoms.